Cyber Talent Has Never Been Easier

With the threat of cybercrime advancing, many companies are finding themselves outpaced on the demands of hiring cyber experts. Filling those professional positions with skilled candidates can make all the difference in your network safety. Tested Cyber Talent can ensure you stay ahead of the cyber curve.

A Vetted Process

Matching not only the skillset in need, but also the personality that creates a perfect fit for your company.

Our account managers and recruiters are constantly building relationships and growing their networks- all the while encountering various levels of skill and experience within the security industry. Any candidate we submit for consideration has been interviewed face-to-face, vetted, and tested by our own experienced, inhouse cyber security team before you’ve even been presented with their resume.

Hire Talent

Let TCT take on the grueling process of finding the best candidates for your open positions.


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About Us

Who is Tested Cyber Talent and why are we the perfect match for your needs? 

Benefits to you

A Better Process

Our methods are proven over years of hiring the best to fill our own roles with qualified and experienced professionals. With the combined 20+ years of experience in recruiting and cybersecurity, we are confident calling ourselves the experts your team can depend on.

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On top of matching you with talent, we strive to provide you with  the personality preferred that will ensure we are creating a work environment in which the candidate can thrive.