Who is Tested Cyber Talent?

Born out of necessity to find qualified candidates that not only looked good on paper, but proved their skills in the real-world, Tested Cyber Talent is your trusted & experienced recruiting firm. Our methods are proven over years of hiring the best to fill our own roles with qualified and experienced professionals. With a combined 20+ years of experience in recruiting and cybersecurity, we are confident calling ourselves the experts your team can depend on.

Trusted recruiters on your side

When choosing a recruiting firm, you should Feel confident that you...

  • can trust your recruiter to have your company’s best interests at heart
  • have been heard regarding the type of person and skillset you truly need for your job opening
  • are not wasting time, money, and training on an unqualified candidate
  • have not paid a considerable fee for a ”cyber expert” you’ll just end up having to replace all over again

A Better, Proven Process

Choose the one you can trust.

Finding a recruiter is easy but finding one that has your best interests at heart is a little more difficult. TCT works to make sure that your interests are at the forefront of our process.

You know what type of candidates you want in your open positions and we make sure to listen when searching for your perfect match.

Don’t waste time and resources on training unqualified candidates only to have to replace them when they don’t work out. 

Our process is unlike any other recruiting firm. Tested Cyber Talent offers more to our clients than simply sourcing talent for their open position. We are a company that employs veteran recruiters, and partners with Information Security Officers who actively work with companies just like yours every day. These high-level cyber professionals assist our recruiters with anything and everything our client may need. Whether formulating job descriptions tailored to your company’s specific need, or testing candidates to confirm they have the skills for your technical environment, we are here to help. This thorough process allows both the Recruiter and ISO Team to work together, thus ensuring our clients assume the least amount of risk possible. TCT only submits the strongest candidates who have been tested by real cyber experts.